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OMG at Work is your home to vent, share, connect, and support yourself and others like you with stories about the drama that goes on in the workplace.

Most of us work about half of our lifespan and many of us are miserable most of the time! Our website is here for you to share stories, peruse work-related articles, and seek help and guidance for office issues that have you stumped.

Here at OMG at Work, you’re in a “safe space” to find comfort in the fact that there are others in the world, in an office just like yours, sharing the same professional drama and frustrations. You are free to share stories and experiences with peers and professionals who will listen and commiserate, as well as offer ideas for how to professionally handle your personal “OMG” debacle. No judgment or risk of repercussions at the workplace here – just a friendly community of people who are willing to help and offer constructive advice.


For your own professional development, OMG at Work is a resource for you to find information on how to do better, and feel better, at the office. With articles on work ethic, dealing with co-workers, time management and more, OMG at Work is your “one stop shop” to improve your working experience.

Our site brings people together with a common goal: alleviate stress, feel better about work situations, get through yet another day at the office, and improve your own professional career. All are welcome because none of us are alone in our struggles at work.

Do You Suffer From the Following?

  • Surrounded by INSANE co-workers?
  • Work for an unappreciative boss?
  • Office romance?!
  • Laugh. Cry. *SMH*
  • Thank YOU for sharing!

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