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Hostile Work Environment


A recent study out of Queens University in Ontario, Canada has revealed that people who are bullied in the workplace are less likely than those who have faced discrimination and sexual harassment to perform well at their jobs and enjoy the satisfaction of completing a hard day’s work. A hostile work environment is detrimental to both the individual and the organization.

A workplace bully can diminish the confidence of even the most adept employee and make them feel uncomfortable in their surroundings. It can be difficult for an employee to recognize and acknowledge the difference between normal issues that will arise between coworkers on an occasional basis and situations that are destructive to an individual’s happiness and productivity at work.

Organizations should have clearly defined protocols on how to deal with bullies. the unfortunate truth is that many companies do not have formal policies in place to handle these types of situations.

Many workers may wonder whether they are victims of bullying, or misunderstood the situation. They must ask themselves important questions. The New York Times published the Workplace Aggression Questionnaire, composed at the State University of New York at New Paltz to guide employees in recognizing their situation.

Although it may seem as though the days of bullying should be locked away in the immature era of grade school, there are many people who still seek the thrill that can come with diminishing the integrity of another individual.

You need to ask yourself the hard questions so that you can develop a healthier relationship with your job, remove the hostile work environment and rise above the workplace bully.

Workplace Bullying Under the Radar


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