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How to Get a Promotion


We always want to be moving on up when it comes to our careers, and promotions are extremely critical to that success path that we all aspire to reach in our careers. Here are some ways to enhance your experience in the workplace and potentially succeed in getting a promotion and/or raise. This is your career and we want you to becoming more successful than ever.

Ask for Promotion Opportunities

One tip to getting promoted is to just ask your manager or boss for any opportunity. If you have proven yourself to be a great employee, they will give you the chance to elevate within the organization. While a pay raise might not come if you are just looking for moving up the ladder in terms of position title, you should feel free to ask for a compensation increase as well. You may be given more responsibility in your new position, and you should be compensated fairly for your work.

Make it So – Jean Luc Picard

If you’re looking to make a step up at your job and no one else is taking on the role that is desperately needed in your workplace, just go for it. If your company is lacking organization or a manager in certain fields, offer your services to the company. If they need the help, they should certainly consider your offer, as it would help the organization overall. It is hard to simply create a raise for yourself, but that may come later. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” can totally apply to the workplace, and you can reap the benefits of your hustle.

Build Your Resume

If you want to get a position of higher power, you need to have the experience. Check out your resume and ask others to review it to see if there’s a skill that may be missing. Make a list of skills and experience that is necessary to make the next leap forward, and remember that the office isn’t the only place to get such knowledge. Attend conferences and training classes, listen to podcasts, read books from successful people to obtain new habits to improve your overall quality of life. Your educational experience does not only have to come from college, but can be from freelance courses. Make yourself so desirable that a higher position is as simple to acquire as an entry level position.

Impress Your Boss

This is one of the most basic things that you can do, and we are leaving it for last because it is quite obvious!

If you want to get promoted, there is more to it than being an all-star employee, but this should certainly be at the core of your path to getting that promotion. To be a manager, however, you do not only have to simply follow orders – you have to innovate, have leadership skills, and speak up about changes that can make your company better. Do your job and do it right, but also take the time to show that you demonstrate skills above and beyond that make you stick out from the rest of the team.

Good luck with that next promotion – follow our tips and it’ll come in no time!

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