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Job Search Tips for Teenagers & Young Adults


Searching for your first job as a teenager can be an exciting experience, but it can also be one where a little advice goes a long way. There are plenty of jobs for teenagers out there that are entry-level while others may require experience or intensive training. Regardless, it is important to know several tips when seeking your first job that can help you make the process much easier and your dream job possible.

Creating a Resume

When seeking a job, it is important to create a resume which is generally required for any job search. As a teenager, you may not have any job experience to list, but you may have other strengths to highlight, such as any volunteer hours or experience helping out with certain functions. It would also be very helpful if you volunteered at a place where you develop skills that can also translate into a position you are applying for. For example, if you volunteered helping kids after school, it shows potential leadership qualities.

It is best to be honest about your resume. If a job offers training, you don’t necessarily need experience for it. Be sure to list your current educational level and any other details that may be important, volunteer hours, areas of expertise and your strengths and interests. Your may even have access to in-school resources such as a career counselor, who can help you create and refine your resume.

Where to Find Jobs

There are plenty of places you can go to find jobs as a teenager. First, you can simply look around at businesses that you often frequent and see if they are hiring. Perhaps your favorite restaurant has a sign up or the manager is potentially looking, but not advertising. Feel free to ask this of managers.

Next, you can try looking online, on any job seeking site or the sites of the businesses themselves. Many have job applications and career sections listing open positions. There are plenty of places to look online by doing a simple search on Google.

Lastly, word of mouth can often land you a job more than you think. Personal references are key to many jobs – if you have a friend with a job or a parent who has “connections,” this can certainly help you out.

Applying to Jobs

Apply to as many jobs as you can that you believe fit your needs – don’t apply for jobs that you cannot see yourself enjoying to some extent. If you think you do not have the experience for a job that you would really like to do, you can always write a cover letter explaining why you would still be a good fit.

When you apply for jobs, try to do it in person, and meet with the manager right away. This will cut out a middle step and alleviate waiting for a call back. Remember, your resume does not necessarily help you win the position, but your interview does. Many employers will also ask for references, especially if you do not have experience. Come prepared with a list of three people and their contact information – non-family and preferably professionals – that will vouch for your experience and achievements.

Interview Process

When going in for a job interview, you should be prepared to meet any expectations for the job. If you are required to dress casual, you may not want to arrive in a suit and tie. If you are working in an office, match the office attire or go for a suit and tie. Make sure to be prepared with your resume and practice answering tough interview questions ahead of time.

If this is your first job, make that clear and that you are willing to learn and be part of a great team. Be friendly, yet formal, and geared to satisfy your potential new manager. End with a handshake and a thank you, and feel free to follow up in about a week if you do not hear back. After your interview, keep searching for jobs and applying – as even the best job interview does not mean you will necessarily be hired.

Good luck searching for a job, applying, interviewing and hopefully landing your dream job!

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