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Is Crying at Work Ever Ok?


There has long been a notion that crying at work was frowned upon because professionally it was considered unacceptable and it also had a stigma of weakness. However, in today’s professional world where people are working far more hours for the same, if not less, pay stress can build up and thus people find that at times they do feel the need or perhaps even urge to cry at work. An outlet is needed at this breaking point.

This can be handled in many ways but the key thing to know about crying at work is to know that you are not alone as many people feel that same urge from time to time. For some, these overwhelming feelings come fairly regularly. A couple of ways to get through such instances and feelings is to take a step back and approach the issue in a logical manner.

Here are some of our advice on how to deal with crying at work:

Stand Up and Take a Brief Walk

If you have the sudden onset of emotions that make you feel as if you want to simply cry the best thing to do would is to stand up and take a brief walk. This could be as simple as strolling to another area of the office or taking a bit more time for yourself and getting outside for a walk. This breath of fresh air, physical movement from the stress of the office could be the key to stopping that crying feeling and anxiety. It doesn’t even need to take a long time, and a few minutes out of the office can be just what you need in order to regain to focus.

Request a Break for a Few Extra Minutes

If you have the urge to cry and feel that stepping away from your desk area or office would help but find that you would need more time than a quick break simply ask your immediate supervisor. It may seem common sense, but the sheer fact is that taking that stroll or even going to sit and calm down in a break room may help those sad or stressful feelings subside.

You could also take those few minutes to head to the restroom, splash cold water on your face and take a few deep and cleansing breaths. This will also help put you in a better frame of mind.

Talk to Your Supervisor, Manager or Human Resources

The feeling you get when you are about to cry is typically brought on by stress or a feeling of being overwhelmed. This is why it is key to talk to a supervisor when you notice this urge coming up more often at work. A simple talk about the issues may make you feel better and the supervisor or manager may also have some tips and tricks to help you feel better about yourself, your job and your performance.

Consult with a Trusted Colleague

One other way to get through those feelings of wanting to cry at work is to turn to a work colleague that you trust or perhaps even a friend outside of the office. A simple chat or talk can help you get through those feelings and give you a better sense of self which should prevent anxious feelings. Sometimes you just need a sympathetic ear to get it all out.

Consider Talking to a Professional

Crying at work is not something that should be happening all the time. However, if you find that such a case occurs to an almost-daily basis, then it is generally helpful to seek out professional advice outside of the confines of the office or work environment. One can talk to their primary care doctor or perhaps enlist the help of a professional trained in handling workplace stress and anxiety, as those could be the root cause of those feelings. It is a great method to tackle such issues as those professionals trained in such matters can better guide you in ways to navigate those feelings and also provide you with advice on how to better handle the situation, should they arise.

You should never be embarrassed nor ashamed in the event that feeling of wanting to cry happens at work. The key is to determine the root cause and then work on ways to reduce the overall stressor and get you refocused and a productive member of the team.

It is a natural human emotion to cry when you have feelings of sadness, loneliness, lack of success, feelings of failure, feelings of resentment or simply being overwhelmed. Those are the reasons why you have to tackle the issue of crying when at work so you can move forward professionally and have a better experience at work each and every day.

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