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Wrongful Termination


As an employee, it is best to be aware and mindful of your company’s policies so that if the day should come when you are in violation of these policies and face wrongful termination at the hands of your employer, you will understand the charges that are being leveled against you and what your employee rights are.

If you work at a grocery store, the store will frown upon their employees pocketing money from the register or giving away free items to their customers. However, termination is called into question when an employer oversteps their boundaries and infringes on employee rights in the workplace. What if a person is terminated for observing the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur, a day which coincides with a major deadline that occurs within the company? Or if you are contracted for a given period of time and terminated prior to the specified end date of the contract – what are your rights as an employee then?

There are certain organizations in place (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) to cope with issues of wrongful termination based upon matters of race, age, sex, ethnicity, religion, etc., so that employee rights are protected.

Additionally, laws are in place to protect the employee discrimination in the workplace, including the Equality Act of 2010 in the United Kingdom, which protects against indirect forms of discrimination as well as direct discriminatory practices and harassment in the work place and establishes equal gender pay, among other things.

It can be difficult for employees who are coping with their wrongful termination to look beyond the difficulties of their current situation and question whether the decision of their employer was actually within their legal rights. Employers can risk lawsuits led by their employees when a termination is called into question. It is of utmost important for employees to understand in all situations that they have rights and that their job should be secure at all times.

Claims of wrongful termination can be charged at the city or state level against a company in violation. What are YOUR rights? For more information, visit the FindLaw website and check out their list of 10 things for employees to consider about wrongful termination.

Your position in the work place is important, and should be protected under the eyes of the law, especially if you are within your rights to remain as an employee.