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Your Boss or Manager Leaves – Dealing with the Aftermath


Your boss is the cornerstone of the work experience. A great coach can make the most horrible work tolerable, or greatly improve work performance. When a good manager leaves, you can take the best parts of working with her. When it does, employees must honestly assess the new manager, your own job and what is the likelihood that management reorganization will directly affect their work.

This is common in the workplace in the real world. These days, you will be very hard to find someone working in a company in your life. There are a variety of reasons why someone may depart. As Michael Scott, which could be due to a big move; Other reasons are dismissed, find a better opportunity or just to be unhappy. Whatever the reason, it usually has a significant impact on the team leader.

So what should you do if your boss says goodbye? Here are some tips to help you navigate through these murky waters, often in the workplace.

Support and stay connected

The decision to leave a job is never easy, even for the boss, so be positive and encouraging. Try to avoid engaging in gossip or speculation secret why she goes. Lynne Sarikas, director of the Career Center College of Business Administration at Northeastern University in Boston, suggests thank your boss for your support and let him know that you appreciate all that he has taught you – even if you ‘do not always get along . “Any problem you have, stay positive,” says Sarikas. “Ask if you can stay connected. This is someone who may need to reference one day.”

Getting to the root of the departure

If your boss announces that he will leave for another time, it is worth asking why. Was a personal decision, or was it because you suspect or know that the company is not doing well? He was unhappy or dissatisfied in the role of your boss? Was it by choice or was it removed? Marie Hladio, founder and president of organizational performance consulting Ember Carriers Leadership Group recommends conducting an investigation of this type, especially if you are competing to fill the vacant place. “If the sudden absence of leadership is also accompanied by staff reductions, tighter budgets and falling sales, these are signs of real danger that can not be overlooked.”

Look for leadership opportunities

Where the head goes, it’s often a surprise, and not always have a backup strategy in place. While the transition can be a burden for those left behind to take over, use it as an opportunity to strengthen and show leadership – regardless of whether or not you expect to become the boss. Offer to take over some of the work, meet with your boss’s boss to strategize on how to restructure the team, and use this time to prove you have what it takes to lead in times of uncertainty.

If you are hoping to be promoted to the position of chief, please express your interest in taking the role. If you have a good relationship with the head initially consider asking before leaving to recommend for the position.

“Things can go fast in an organization, if your boss is gone and you know you are interested in this role, it is appropriate to share this interest for both the boss and his boss,” said coach Darcy Eikenberg workplace, RedCapeRevolution.com founder and author of the upcoming “Bring your superpowers to Work. your Guide to clarity, confidence and control” “Try to say something.” I liked the example you’ve put into this role, and this is where I think I can make a contribution, also will miss you, but I know we will have to fill the position soon. What is the next right to be considered a replacement step? ”

Consider following the leader

What if your boss is the reason you are in your current job? Maybe she brought you to another company or mentoring is why you do not have hightailed it out of there. If you consider your boss a friend and someone you admire, can be difficult when she decides to jump ship, but try not to let your emotions get the best of you. Ask yourself if you are happy in your current role and if it can be useful after your boss for your new business.

Finding a balance between friendship and leadership

In continuation as head, their relationships with their co-workers will probably have to change. Although it would be nice to keep them as friends, you may have to walk away if you want to be taken seriously. However, do not take their newfound until now that the borders of condescension, or you’ll end up alienating his new team authority. Chances are that other team members waiting to take over as the boss, so sensitive to the fact that they might be frustrated or dissatisfied with the result. Make your allies touching them or ask for their advice and counsel to guide young workers; that will show them that you value their opinion and sees them as a key team member.

Understand the expectations

“Take the time to first understand what it is supposed to do … and when,” says Roy Cohen, career coach and author of “Survival Guide professional Wall Street.” “Ask your new boss,” How will you measure my success – and I know that I have succeeded – in six months or a year “Having a benchmark that can work to achieve your goals and provide feedback should these goals unrealistic or unfair. This knowledge also allows you to switch targets based on their unique potential to contribute. ”

Give it some time

Remember that change is never easy, is likely to be some growing pains you spend on the new role. Nobody expects you to be a carbon copy of his former boss, so take this opportunity to make their own way. Be patient and stay sane, and you’ll be on your way to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Remember: it’s not about you.

When your boss resigns or is fired, it is easy to default to panic. What about me? Will I be next? Is it a part of an exploration of the entire company? Although some people are not allowed to go with their immediate managers (especially if a branch or department is closed), often the result is that you just get a new head and things go right back to normal. So take a deep breath, and repeat after us: It’s not about me. And, well, when the new boss comes in and needs someone to show them the ropes? It will be your single most important ally.

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