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Making Friends at Work


Everyone needs a friend to make the time pass and there is no place more in need of time passing swiftly than the workplace.

Making friends at work is important and those who seek out and sustain good relationships are less likely to be depressed outside of their job and frequently express greater overall satisfaction at work than those who are more socially withdrawn.

When an individual spends countless hours in any environment, it is important to develop relationships at work, especially with someone that shares the experience of coexisting in that same environment – the hardships and the joys, the high points and the low points. This friend can listen when you are particularly upset about a boss’ attitude, when a newly instated policy at work negatively affects the whole office, when you are being bullied at work, or suffering through personal matters outside of work that make it difficult to be mentally present.

There are many benefits for an individual to making friends at work, but one must be wary of revealing their personal feelings about other colleagues, in particular. There may be a policy on relationships at work. It may be stress relieving in the moment to gripe about a difficult coworker, but this moment of “over-sharing” can lead to problematic circumstances should your true feelings be revealed in an open setting. It can even lead to disciplinary measures should your remarks be particularly caustic!

Check out these other “rules” you should live by when developing and nurturing friendships at work. It will make you a better friend at work and possibly even increase your life expectancy!