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Office Romance & Potential Relationship Issues


It is common for people to build office relationships, whether on a professional or personal level. The manner in which these relationships are handled can determine whether or not someone has a successful career.

The workplace is more than just an environment where people use their skills and acumen to work with numbers and negotiate business deals. A lot has to do with the office relationships – be it with the boss, coworkers, team members or business partners.

Relationships are inevitable, and this includes the workplace romance. But is an office romance worth it? Or would working at the same office as your partner cause relationship issues?

  • The advantage of starting a workplace romance is that you can get to know someone in a safe environment without pressure. People usually have on their “game faces” on in social scenarios, but the workplace offers a real opportunity for you to see how someone operates, interacts with others as well as copes with stress and conflicts on a daily basis.
  • On the other hand, an office romance can lead to conflicts caused by rivalries or jealousy. You also have to deal with factors outside of the relationship. For instance, you might be involved with someone who has a superior position at the office. This causes tension among other coworkers.
  • The workplace dating policy is another factor to consider. In some companies, dating someone at work is discouraged or even prohibited, not only because of the emotional issues but also the possibilities and temptations to carry out fraudulent activities.

Office Romance Tips and Relationship Issues

  • You and your colleague might have to deal with the effects of a failed relationship. There is no doubt that breakups at the workplace can be very disruptive. A break-up of this nature can be really harmful for you professionally. In many instances, office break-ups cause people to give up a lucrative career.

    This is the reason why most experts have strong views against an office romance

  • You may have to deal with office gossip. Even if you are both committed to the relationship and each other, the gossip in the office can cause some serious problems. Be prepared to weather those storms.
  • There is the perception by others that you are irresponsible, unprofessional, and flighty for having a workplace romance. It’s taboo and office relationships are still seen as inappropriate.
  • Your success would not be measured based on personal achievements if it is known that you are dating a superior. You need to be extremely careful if you want to have a successful career.
  • When an office romance goes bad, the workplace can turn into a minefield of distractions and anxieties. You must have maturity and common sense if you want to work successfully with an ex-partner.
  • Try not to share your emotions with others at the workplace, regardless of how much you are hurting or how awkward the situation might feel. Never discuss your relationship issues or belittle your ex in public.

Always try to keep your office or personal relationships professional. Don’t forget that dating someone at work can ruin your career.

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