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Customer Switch-a-Roo & Danny the Groper


There was this place i worked for a while before getting a job in a company. it was a place of eatery and fast food.

I got this woman called Mary, short older and was a Manager for a city store. Over all it was a shitty day, not because of her it just was one of those day.

I was told we had two people collecting stuff from the back, one was a butterfly table (One of those tables that folds up like a butterfly…..) and the other was a picnic table.

Big difference in size and function. I got one person at the back, I read one of the names on the boxes and asked him if he was the person I saw on the box, and he said yes. So I proceeded to give them the whole in a box butterfly table. They did remark “It’s smaller than what I was told. I was told several large boxes. Oh well.” I should have caught on.

The other person comes and is ready for a smallish box…but get several large boxes.

While I am on my lunch I start to put 2 and 2 together… I GAVE THEM THE WRONG TABLES!!

I confessed this to Mary and she gave out a sigh and said “we just need to wait until they come back with them.” ….three months later I left the place….no one ever…EVER came back. I like to imagine someone is sitting in their living room with a giant picnic table.

Back to the same day. Mary goes for her lunch that I got her. I was to then to deliver a display butterfly table to the car park round the corner as I gave the last and right table to the wrong people. So I am wheeling it round and hit some dodgy cobble stone, thing shakes and two of the casters break off and in a non-repairable way. So had to sort and smooth things over with the customer.

Mary’s lunch has gone cold I feel terrible. A hundred small and petty things happen and overall it was horrible.

A week later Angela comes back who was ill with the Gall stone. I told her what happened while she was away and what a bad day I had last week with Mary.

Her eyes went from concerned to shock to absolute panic. I didn’t understand why. She then said “With Mary? From Glasgow shop,” I said yeah.

“Mary!? Who is short greyish hair? Glasses around her neck…..” I said yeah exactly…

“She didn’t shout at your or throw things at you?” I was shocked and went what no!? Why? She was a dream…..

It turns out she has had a few disciplinary for abusing staff since she has a VERY short temper. I was then told horror stories caused by not all that bad events that pale to what I did. I freaked out and panicked that I dodged that bullet….somehow.

mikel as I have said already was another trainee with me. During having other Manager cover and help out, our most frequent was Randall. An old man with grey hair and bushy mustache. His visits overlapped Angela getting back and Adam taking his holidays.

Danny was known to be pretty useless at everything. Why he was still a Manager I don’t know. We had to stay behind for cashing up which we shut as 5:30pm with Randall we never left sometimes till 7pm. I have cashed up since and haven’t taken that long.

So while waiting for the last half hour to pass by Angela starts asking some weird questions about Randall. Such as “Danny hasn’t been…funny with either of you?”

I replied “He is forever joking?”

“No no…Has he done anything funny?”

Right now I am thinking and shaking my head. “Nope…”

Gareth Pipes up. “He pinches my nipples…” My reaction in purely face is WHAT!?! WHEN!! NO!!! You are lying! He then said “And gropes my ass.” I am in complete shocking mode….then Angela shakes her head and goes “Yeah he does that.” WHAT!!!?!?!?!!? She then said “You need to tell disciplinary, he does it all the time with young boys. Been pulled up several times.”

I am in utter shock. “He never did anything like this with me! I’ve got bigger tits than him!!” (It was an empty store and I was chubby) She then says “Maybe you’re not his type…”

I shout “I am fucking thankful I am not! Bit pissed I am rejected, but thankful I wasn’t molested!”



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