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Excuses, excuses

After 30 years in the work force, I’ve heard every lame excuse in the books why someone can’t make it into work. Car broke down, kids are sick, a distant relative has come into town, not enough sleep, etc. But this one incident was my hands-down favorite.

At the time, I worked in a setting that required wearing a uniform. I had a call from a co-worker, just 30 minutes before her shift was due to start, saying that she couldn’t come in because of “a laundry accident”. My response was a dumbfounded “Huh?”

In hushed tones over the phone, she explained that her cat had peed on her uniform. “Didn’t she have a spare uniform?” I asked. “Cat peed on that one too,” was her answer. “Can’t come in till I get the laundry done.”

How do you even argue that? We found a replacement for the day, and the co-worker got her clothes in order. No doubt she took the time to buy fresh kitty litter as well.