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Gina the Tragic (yet lovable) Thief

One of my first jobs was working in a Mexican restaurant in Scotland. I know right, how truly bizarre! Luckily, it did not attempt any Mexican-Scottish fusion cuisine (haggis tacos, anyone?). Anyway, my training was carried out by a young Mexican lady. She was, in fact, the only Mexican to work in our Glaswegian Mexican restaurant, ever.

She was pretty good at showing me the ropes; she was patient and thorough, which was useful in such a fast paced environment. I gradually learned her story, and it has stuck in my mind as a truly tragic one. She had moved over to Scotland after meeting someone online. She quickly married said person, but her life was to take a turn for the worse. Her new husband was unemployed, and rarely made any effort to help her with anything. Even with a university education, she was forced to take a minimum wage job. I felt sympathetic for her for the most part.

However, every time we shared how we were at work, or talked about our problems light-hearted, she would jump straight into “Oh, I am so sad and depressed, my husband is such an idiot. We all told her to leave him, but of course, she never did, which made her repetitious moaning even more unbearable.”

She clearly had trouble financially supporting her partner, as she was a suspect in stolen money from the till, she was caught stealing produce, and even drinking cans from bins. She was one of the nicest, most tragic people I had met. On the bright side, she got a knew better paid job, and seemed much happier at her new place of work, hopefully without the stealing and complaining.


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