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Getting Hot at Work (Part 1)

WARNING: Explicit Content

Okay, so, I work at a hospital in the medical records department. I am only part time so I just work weekends. Well, last weekend I was working with Max, the new guy. He is actually the only guy in the department.

It was halfway through our shift and we had nothing at all to do and we were getting super bored.

Now, Max is kinda cute and I had been single for a while and was feeling a bit naughty so I went up behind him and gave him a playful smack on the ass. He turned around and grabbed me by the hips which startled me, just a little. I mean, he is a pretty big guy and I am fairly petite.

“You shouldn’t start stuff you don’t intend to finish,” he said with a growl.

“I do intend to finish it,” I said.

He glanced at the clock. Second shift wouldn’t be in for another two hours and the department has a combination lock that only department members have and one nursing supervisor but as long as we answered the phones she wasn’t going to bother us.

He reached down and undid the button to my pants and then he stuck his hand down the band and past my panties. I admit I was already nice and wet down there. His fingers didn’t have to work on me long before before I was panting and moaning and begging him to keep going. He had two fingers inside of me and his thumb was rubbing my clit. He wasn’t one of those guys who goes too hard. It was just right and I was thinking that I hadn’t had sex in about three months and I really wanted Max. From the bulge in his pants I knew he wanted me too. I reached forward and undid his button and his fly. I pulled his cock out of his briefs and took a quick glance. It was a good six inches. Bigger than the last guy I had fucked.

“You have anything?” I asked.

He reached in his pocket and pulled out a condom. I was so glad he had one. My purse was in my desk which was in another room and I totally didn’t want to break the spell Max and I seemed to be under.


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