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Getting Hot at Work (Part 2)

WARNING: Explicit Content

So, Max and I are in the locked medical records department with two hours until shift change when we started messing around.

He just pulled his fingers out of my pussy so he could grab a condom from his wallet and I just pulled his dick out of his pants to get a better view of it.

Max pulled my pants down to mid thigh and pushed my panties down with them. I totally wished I hadn’t worn granny panties but I mean, I had no idea I was going to get lucky.

Then, he slid the condom on his cock. I was a little annoyed that he didn’t even take his pants down but just had his dick hanging out his pants. If anyone did happen to catch us they were going to get a pretty full view of me and nothing of him.

He pushed turned me around until I was leaning over the table we use to prepare medical records for scanning. I tried to balance some of my weight on my legs because I didn’t want the table to break. That would have been impossible to explain to the manager.

I felt his chest against my back as he positioned his cock at the entrance of my pussy and then with one thrust plunged inside.

I guess it was because I hadn’t fucked in so long but it felt damn good. I mean, it felt so good I would have been willing to be fired over it.

Not only was it amazing to have Max’s cock filling my pussy but also his fingers were still rubbing my clit and sending waves of hot pleasure up my belly.

He reached one hand under my shirt to grab my boob. I could feel his palm against my nipple through the cloth of my bra and I really wanted him to slide his hands under it but he didn’t seem to have the same idea. He was too busy pounding away at my pussy which was leaking all over my thighs and his cock like a faucet with a malfunctioning valve. I could smell the musty scent of sex and hoped desperately that it would disappear before second shift arrived. There was not going to be anything we could do to get the scent off our bodies or our clothes but maybe, if we didn’t get too close to our co-workers, we could make a fast exit without them noticing the smell of sex on us.

His fingers kept working my clit and I closed my eyes to concentrate on the feeling. Even my last boyfriend had rarely made me cum and I was very sure I was about to. I could feel the pressure building up deep within me. Then, it happened. I felt my legs began to tremble and I cried out as my pussy clenched and unclenched around his dick. My pussy’s movements started a chain reaction and I heard him take a sharp intake of breath and he began to thrust in me so hard I was sure the table was going to break and I didn’t even care.

Within about three thrusts I felt him stiffen behind me and he let out a moan that made me sure he was currently filling the condom with his hot white cum.

Then, he collapsed against my back for a moment and I was the only one keeping our combined weight off the table.

Then, I felt his cock fall from my pussy and I felt a little sad. It was nice to have it in.


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