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Newspaper Peek-a-Boo

I always hated sitting in the train and making eye contact with another person or catch someone staring. I figured I’d solve the problem by buying a “Word Find” book to give me something to distract me.

I had been using it for about a week and was enjoying being in my little bubble, until one day when I was on my way home…

I had someone sitting next to me and felt the presence of someone standing on my right side, I was at the end of the seating next to the door.

I started smelling something gross… I’d say like human gas to politely put it. I kept checking my left side and looked up and couldn’t pin point the source.

I then looked to the right of me and saw a man holding a newspaper and followed the trail of where the newspaper was and then to my realization, what it was covering.

!!! *SMH*

The man was covering his penis with the newspaper to make sure that I was the only one who saw it.

The smell was coming from him because he had his sweatpants open/down and to top it off he was homeless.

I quickly thought to myself what my next reaction should be. Do I make a scene? There are children around.. and he may get off on that. Do I act like I don’t notice?

I got out of my seat calmly and walked across to the doors facing him. He then proceeded to walk down the subway car not even looking at me.

I got off at my stop, and he exited as well. I tried to find the police or just someone in charge but there was no one around – go figure.

He disappeared into the crowd and I had to move on to my next task that day,

That is the last time I played “Word Find”… anywhere.


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