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Parenthood Isn’t Easy

I have the luxury of traveling into Manhattan via Subway to my job, so I get to see different walks of life in those tunnels.

One morning, I was on the train and I noticed a 4 month old baby crying in its stroller. I immediately looked to the caretaker. It was a mother, in her late 20s, looking tired and very exhausted.

“What is it?!, What do you want??!” she tiredly asked the baby, as if it knew how to answer.

“What now? I just changed your diaper…” the mother said exhaustively. By this point, other passengers were annoying looking towards the crying baby, then to the mother to see what she’d do about it. As if the baby had a MUTE button.

Being a dad, I felt very sympathetic. The 7 month pregnant mother looked very tired, sleep deprived and just ready to give up. I wanted her to look up at me so I can offer a smile, letting her know that despite the onlookers, there were just as many sympathetic parents onboard, cheering for her.

A few moments later, the baby stops crying. “Better?” she asked the baby.

“I’m sorry, we will go to sleep when we get home.”

She felt guilty for being cranky herself, but she looked to have forgiven herself. The 5 minute meltdown is soon forgotten and the baby is content.

The mother allows herself this small victory – one of many to come. Parenthood isn’t easy in this world. But the baby looks happy and healthy. Just another day in parenting.


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