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The Squatters!

Two years ago during the summer I was helping look for people who wanted to rent a place. For me it was rather fun. It was something that I was not used to doing and I thought it was a great experience. I did online postings, posted up flyers around New York and word of mouth. The company I was working with had gotten several e-mails and calls. We set up meetings with the people who seemed to be really interested in the space and needed it. We finally found a client we were comfortable with. It was a pair. They were partners in business and wanted to work closer together and so they deemed it fit to rent a place together. When they had approached us they were great talkers, they talked as if business was booming and they had no worries in the world. All they wanted to do was take their business to the next level with an office based in New York. We got along with them just fine so we decided on giving them the place. The first two months were dandy they would pay on time and were great on any complains other renters would give about them. Three months into renting one of the two renters come up to me and my boss and say that they will be running a bit late paying the third month. The excuse being that a check from one of their clients has yet to come through. We thought “well things happen.” So we decided on giving them an extension to when they can pay. Note they are renting an office space. Two weeks go by and not a word about the open rent invoice. As time goes by they do not pay for up to 4 months of rent. We started to notice that one of them were sleeping inside of the little office and when talked to about it wanted to start a big fuss. Approximately a month after that ordeal we get a visit from one of the clients landlords that they have missed about 6 – 7 payments where they were living at and he was looking to get paid for back rent. The clients that we had were buried in dept. They were not making any money and there is no way out. We decided it was best to evict them from the office space as they were bringing a lot of trouble our way and we were not getting paid. I am not sure what they’ve gotten themselves into as of late but I hope that one day soon they can resolve their issues.


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