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The Undead Napper

I worked at a bakery and needed to run out for some milk.

I was also studying photography in school so I was being particularly observant (more than usual) for anything out of the norm.

There were a few restaurants on the same block and I always thought it was interesting to look down into the sidewalk openings (where food is usually delivered).

To my luck I did catch something quite unusual. A man was sleeping in a pile of laundry. He actually looked dead.

I ran back into the bakery to get my camera and got my money shot. I proceeded to go get the milk, which was the original reason I was out. On my way back, to my surprise, another worker must’ve pulled a prank and covered the sleeping worker with an empty box.

Instead of looking up all the time, people should try to look down. You’d be amazed at what you end up finding.

The Undead Napper – An OMGatWork.com Story


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